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Can You Treat Dry Eyes?

Dry eye is a common condition that can affect your quality of life. If you have dry eyes, they can interfere with daily activities. These include watching TV, driving, reading, and using a computer. Keep reading to learn if you can treat dry eyes! Symptoms of Dry Eyes You may experience discomfort, blurry vision, and […]

What Makes Glaucoma Awareness Month So Important?

January is an important time to recognize Glaucoma Awareness Month. It’s an opportunity to spread the word about this silent sight-stealing thief that usually presents no symptoms. This way, more people will be aware of glaucoma and they can be more proactive with their eye health to preserve their vision. Keep reading to learn more […]

What Are The Signs of An Eye Infection?

Your eyes are quite sensitive. Infections can flare up fast when harmful fungi, viruses, or bacteria enter the eye and the surrounding area. This includes the inner eyelids and cornea. People who wear contact lenses are also at a higher risk of developing eye infections if they don’t properly care for their contacts. Other causes […]

Are Cataracts A Serious Problem?

Cataracts are an incredibly common part of the aging process. They occur when the natural lens of the eye becomes cloudy. Genetic factors, eye injury, and illness can also lead to the formation of cataracts. Age-related cataracts usually form slowly over the years as proteins in the lens clump together over time. But the progression […]

10 Reasons You May Need To See An Eye Doctor

Besides being the windows to your soul, your eyes can also help identify other health problems. The vessels in your eyes are affected by high inflammation levels or hypertension. This means they can aid in detecting health problems you don’t know about. Microbleeds in the eye’s vessels can be difficult to spot. These can be […]

How Do I Know If I Have Iritis?

Iritis, also called anterior uveitis, is inflammation of the eye that mainly affects the iris as well as the ciliary body. The ciliary body is the circular structure in the eye that produces aqueous humor. Anterior uveitis is common in young and middle-aged adults. It is often characterized by blurry vision, pain, and light sensitivity. […]

Are Eye Floaters and Flashes Normal?

Most people will experience floaters and flashes at some point in their life. This more likely to occur as they get older. Floaters are small lines or spots that seem to appear at the front of the eye, but in fact, they’re floating inside it. With flashes, they look more like lightning flashes. About 85 […]

Can You Treat a Retinal Tear?

The retina is a layer of photosensitive tissue at the back of the eye that sends signals to your brain and makes it possible to see. Conditions that affect the retina can severely affect vision and even lead to blindness. Joshi Retina Institute offers effective treatment for retinal tears. A retina tear is not painful, […]

Are There Warning Signs With Macular Edema?

Eye conditions that affect the retina can lead to severe and permanent vision loss or blindness. Access to early treatment can prevent these consequences and ensure improved eye health. Keep reading to find out if there are warning signs with macular edema! Are There Any Warning Signs of Macular Edema? At the earliest stage, macular […]


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